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Haley Ramos '16 & Kevin McCubbin '16

Featured photo for Haley Ramos It all started in our Communications Theories Capstone, Kevin asked me for our latest reading assignment and I happily obliged. I later found out that he knew what the assignment was all along, he was just too shy to talk to me about something aside from classwork, pretty smooth move though! We kept our relationship quiet to focus on our studies as it was the end of our senior year. That didn’t really work when the majority of our capstone class slowly put it together that we were more than just friends that walked to class together. Since graduating we have enjoyed so many memories and milestones, including moving to a new city, adopting a rescue animal, and traveling to new places together. But some of our favorite memories will always be our time at CLU, we wouldn’t have met without the Lu! 💛💜

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