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Sweetheart Stories

Sarah Tunzi '85 & Mike Kovacevich '84

Featured photo for Sarah Tunzi I met Mike when he was a senior and I was a junior. He lived in Rasmussen on the first floor and my best friend Deena was on the second floor above him. I spotted him one day and decided to go down to the vending machine for a coke numerous times in hopes to run into him. Unknown to me, he was checking his mail several times a day in hopes to run into me. He was school treasurer and yearbook photographer and I was a basketball cheerleader. We finally met at a joint Halloween party. The following month we went to the Homecoming dance on November 9, 1983 and we have been together ever since. We will be married 32 years on May 16th and are blessed with 3 children, a 2 year old granddaughter and a grandson on the way! We live in Thousand Oaks very close to campus. We love walking through the campus and admire all of the beauty and growth that has made CLU a state of the art University. We are lucky to get to walk through memory lane often. So grateful to have met here!

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