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Sweetheart Stories

Justin Wilson '12 & Allison Wilson '12

Featured photo for Justin Wilson First we dated roommates of each other One year later we had our sights set on one another The first day was going to Gilbert gym Lo and behold we had found our own gem That day was the beginning of something new An everlasting love to be we had no CLU Something special and unforgettable began to brew Months later I asked her to be mine Because without her, life didn't have the same shine Years, minutes and graduation quickly went by Both of us eagerly waiting to say until the day we die True and unwavering love was upon us Tick tock this day became a promise 4 years later after graduation from CLU The ring was on its way we both knew The final step began on the family Christmas Bay walk She said yes while we stopped on a stranger's private dock Next year in front of both families under the beautiful san Diego sun We said I do and finally joined together as one Now 3 years later still happy and madly in love All thanks to the man above

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