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Kelly Taylor-Schaus '91 & Maurice Schaus '93

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I was engaged already when I was a TA in Mike Roehr’s stagecraft class and this cute freshman came in. We were fast friends, working at KRCL, and ending up in tennis class together. Since the class was right before lunch, we often took to the side tables so no one else had to suffer from the smell of our workouts. Rumors flew that we were “more than friends” but for a long time we really were just friends. Maurice helped me realize he was the only one for me. After I graduated, I went to work in Massachusetts. Our love and friendship grew through letters and phone calls (the expensive long distance kind!). He traveled across the country to pop the question during his Christmas break! We got married shortly after he graduated from CLU and haven’t looked back except to reminisce. 5 states, foster kids, birth kids, foster dogs, hockey, and homeschooling. Whew! We are thankful for the start CalLu gave us!

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