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Peggy Stevenson '81 & Bruce Stevenson '80

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I met Bruce in front of the milk machine in Lil’s cafeteria in 1977. At the time, I was engaged to someone else. I wasn’t interested in other guys, but Bruce smelled really good, so I struck up a conversation. I found out that Old Spice was a “thing”, and we became friends. Over the course of my freshman year, we discovered that we had a lot in common. We were both Lutheran, we were both English majors, we both grew up with wiener dogs, we were both from San Diego county, and our dads both grew up on opposite ends of the same street in Minneapolis. We simply clicked. As so often happens, my long-distance relationship didn’t last. My friendship with Bruce grew. We started dating the summer after my freshman year. I’ll never forget our first kiss. It was kind of sweet and awkward at the same time. After being friends for so long, making that move was kind of scary for both of us. Bruce leaned in and asked me, “May I kiss you?” I threw my arms around him, kissed him, and then answered, “Yes, please!” We’ll celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary this coming June.

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