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Sweetheart Stories

Alec James '15 & Kendra Johns '15

Featured photo for Alec James

Kendra studied abroad in Australia in Fall 2013. I studied abroad in Australia in Spring 2014. We made some of the same mutual friends, all of which asked me if I had known the previous semesters’ students who studied abroad, unfortunately, I had no idea who Kendra or any of the other students were. Towards the end of summer 2014, one of our mutual friends from Australia was coming to the US to study abroad in Wisconsin and was actually the ones to introduce us. Kendra planned to take her to Santa Barbara so I dropped Natalie off at CLU and that’s where I was first introduced to Kendra. We actually talked years later and found out we were so close to meeting each other not only at school but outside of school long before we ever decided to go to CLU but missed the opportunity by sometimes days. Now we are engaged and are planning our wedding in August back in Thousand Oaks.

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