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Alumni Awards

The Cal Lutheran Alumni Board of Directors Awards Program recognizes the outstanding achievements of California Lutheran University alumni. Nominations for awards in the five categories listed below are welcomed from all members and friends of the Cal Lutheran community.

We look forward to receiving your nominations and recognizing the outstanding achievements of your fellow alumni.

Paul Witman

Honorary Alumni

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Finding a Home at Cal Lutheran
Throughout a distinguished career spanning 40 years, Paul Witman, Ph.D., has imbued decades of expertise in private industry, research, and academia to his work at Cal Lutheran. Across his many accomplishments, Dr. Witman has found his most rewarding work lies in the day-to-day interactions with students and faculty at CLU.

“My work at Cal Lutheran has afforded me the opportunity to work across different disciplines and enrich my own perspective by connecting with so many different kinds of people,” he said.

Prior to joining CLU as an adjunct professor, Dr. Witman held a variety of leadership positions in information technology at Citicorp and Digital Insights. He was awarded a U.S. patent in 1996 for his work on customer-activated technology for the visually impaired.

Dr. Witman joined Cal Lutheran in 1999 as an adjunct professor in the MBA program, an experience that sparked a passion for teaching and research. He earned his Ph.D. in Management of Information Systems from Claremont Graduate University and found his full-time home among the faculty of the Cal Lutheran School of Management.

Today, as a tenured professor of Information Systems, Dr. Witman is instrumental in challenging undergraduate and graduate students to think critically about the real-world implications and ethics of technology use. He has shaped the curriculum for numerous CLU courses, led the creation of the Hospitality and Tourism Management major, and launched the master’s degree program in Information Technology.

Business and Computer Science: Bridging the Gap
Dr. Witman views information technology as a critical intersection between business and computer science. A widely published scholar and avid conference speaker, he is dedicated to building curriculum that shapes forward-thinking leaders who can bridge the gap between technologists and business executives.

Dr. Witman’s case studies have had a profound impact on the way CLU students view IT. Through real-world examples, Dr. Witman cautions against the misuse of technology and encourages students to ask important questions about who is on the other end of the risks a business may choose to take. Thanks in large part to Dr. Witman’s work, ethical considerations are central to CLU’s undergraduate and graduate curriculum in information technology.

Beyond the Classroom
Dr. Witman was one of 12 CLU faculty selected to participate in a Lutheran Heritage Travel Seminar, which included visits to Martin Luther’s home and ministry areas in eastern and western Germany. He also serves as a guest lecturer in the MBA and Global Business programs at FH Joanneum, a university in Graz, Austria. Dr. Witman credits travel and teaching abroad with widening his cultural perspective. He proudly speaks a bit of 12 different languages, or as he puts it, at least the seven basic polite words that every traveler should master.

Beyond the professional realm, Dr. Witman has found his purpose through volunteerism, building and repairing homes with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and the Appalachia Service Project. He and his wife, Barbara, find great fulfillment in giving back.