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Lyle Murley, Ph.D.

Honorary Alumni

With a constancy of leadership that never slowed since he began teaching at CLU in 1967, Lyle Murley shaped the English Department for 35 years.  His legacy includes the mentorship of generations of students who came through the university, many of whom went on to great success in their own right.

Murley, who holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University, had a great hand in shaping the kind of institution CLU has become today and promises to be in the years to come.  The professor had a single-minded focus on the content and quality of the English Department’s academic program and an energy that was unflagging.

In addition to many years as English Department Chair, Professor Murley served tirelessly on a number of committees including Appointment, Rank and Tenure; Academic Standards; Academic Planning; President’s Advisory; and Accreditation.

Dr. Murley’s academic contributions to the society at large have been numerous, also.  He has presented papers at universities and convocations nationwide, as well as multiple professional conferences.

His contributions have been recognized through numerous personal honors, including CLU Professor of the Year in 1970 and 1974, the St. Olaf Alumni Scholar-Aid Award, a Northwestern University Scholarship and the Shalom Research Team of Luther Seminary.  His professional dedication to CLU has been matched by his long-term, consistent, financial dedication and support of the university.

Both Dr. Murley and his wife, Terry, retired in 2002 and are now residing in Pennsylvania.