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James L. Esmay, Ph.D.

Honorary Alumni

Dr. James Esmay began his career at California Lutheran College in 1965.  He spent three years as Assistant Professor and Chair of the Economics Department before leaving to teach at Cal State Northridge and later at University of Swaziland as a Fulbright Professor of Economics.

Jim returned to the CLC in 1979 as Professor and Chair of the Department of Management and Economics, and 10 years later became the first Dean of the School of Business.  Always interested in international affairs, he led a number of January Interim trips to Africa, Australia and the Caribbean during his tenure at CLU.

This interest in foreign travel led Jim and his wife, Anna, to establish and endowed scholarship for students studying abroad.  They later endowed a second scholarship for business students involved in campus activities.

Jim has participated in all aspects of the growth of CLU as a supporter of the symphony, CLU Community Leaders Association and the Scandinavian Festival, and as a Convocator in the 1970s.

Jim is not only a professor emeritus but also a CLU parent as two the Esmay’s three children and a daughter-in-law are CLU graduates.  Jim and Anna live in Thousand Oaks where they serve as ushers at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza and are active members of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.