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Bradley J. Wilson

Service to Alma Mater

Bradley Wilson ’81 began giving back to CLU almost as soon as he left campus with his bachelor of science in geology 20 years ago.  His early gifts of $500 a year - a significant amount of money for a young geologist just out of college - were the beginning of an enduring commitment to the University.  Over the years, Brad and his wife, Lisa (Long ’83) have been faithful in their support of CLU with cumulative gifts totaling more than $100,000.

In 1993, they established the Brad and Lisa Wilson Scholarship.  Believing that the people, not the subject of study, are what make CLU a special place, the couple chose not to restrict the scholarship to any academic major.  The dozen or more students who have received the scholarship also benefit from the special interest Brad and Lisa take in their progress.

In 1994, in tribute to a professor who made CLU a special place for them, Brad and fellow alumnus Dean Soiland ’81 established the Care of the Earth Endowment in honor of geology professor emeritus Dr. Rudolph Edmund and his lifelong commitment to caring for the earth.

Brad’s contributions to CLU go beyond scholarships and annual giving.  He has been a member of the Board of Regents for the past 13 years and currently serves as Chair of the Student and Spiritual Life Committee.  He also served as a Convocator for several years.

Brad and Lisa and their three children live in Park City, Utah, where he owns and operates the WINCO Real Estate Holding Company.