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Marvin Branch

Career Achievement

Marv Branch has been President of Hope Ranch Realty in Santa Barbara since 1976, where he specializes in luxury residential, horse ranches and commercial properties.  In over 25 years as a realtor-broker, Marv has received numerous accreditations, certifications and awards.  He has also taught and mentored a multitude of realtors, and after experiencing tremendous success in organizing and teaching a graduate realtors institute educational program to about 100 students, published a manual outlining how to effectively teach the program.  The California Association of Realtors presented him with the Outstanding Education Award.  One of Marv's goals is to relocate to the Santa Ynez Valley and live in a home surrounded by more than a hundred acres.  He planes to plant Chardonnay grapes and build a small western movie set for his many entertainment-business clients.