College of Arts & Sciences

Honors Quartet

The Cal Lutheran Honors Quartet is a unique ensemble showcasing some of the university's most talented student musicians and academic scholars. The quartet performs with passion, precision and power, providing an intimate musical experience that sparks an emotional connection with the audience.

The current ensemble is a string quartet. The performers play a wide variety of pieces including classical period music from Mozart and Bach, as well as romantic and contemporary works.

The Honors Quartet will play for up to one hour at a limited number of receptions, galas, chamber music series and other high profile events.

The quartet is offered as a community service of Cal Lutheran. Onsite event acknowledgment, program credit and a meal or token gift for the performers, or a contribution to the Music Department scholarship fund is appreciated.

For more information, contact Daniel Geeting.


Students of any major participating in a performance ensemble may be considered for a Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Scholarship—awarding up to $30,000—with an audition.

Apply for the VAPA Scholarship