Call for Participation


You can sign up by calling Kayla Reed at 805-493 - 3257 or emailing her at Kayla will then set up a meeting with you at the CLU Writing Center to discuss the project and any questions you may have. 


At the Writing Center, you can expect to sit down and work one-on-one with an attentive, engaged, and trained writing consultant. We will first discuss the nature of the writing prompt before proceeding on to a conversation about your expectations for the session. We will then move on to your writing, responding to your text as a reader and asking questions for you to consider as a writer. We will provide you with a positive learning environment tailored to your unique needs and concerns as a writer. Writing consultants can assist you with any part of the writing process.

What to Bring

As we engage in the writing process, you are welcome to bring your drafts in any form that is comfortable with you. Many writers and consultants find it easiest to edit using a hard copy, but if you are comfortable editing on your laptop please feel free to bring that as well. The Writing Center has desktop computers available for your writing use. If you need assistance typing your drafts, the Writing Center consultants will be more than happy to help with this. Please let us know how we can best assist you through your writing process.