Project Team

To contact the project team, please email

  • Project Director (Interim): Dr. Deborah Harris-Sims, NCC, LPC, College Services Manager
  • Implementation Team: 
    • Dr. Jessica Lavariega Monforti, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
    • Dr. Matthew Ward, VP of Enrollment Management & Marketing
    • Carlos Castellanos, MPW, Visiting Lecturer, Department of English
    • Dr. Christopher Brown, Chair, Mathematics Department
    • Dr. Michael R. Hillis, Dean & Professor, Graduate School of Education
    • Dr. Michael McCambridge, Director of Interdisciplinary Educational Studies
    • Dr. Scott Chiu, Director, The Writing Center
    • Dr. Kelly Owens, Director, Sponsored Research & Projects
    • Dr. Paloma Vargas, Director, Hispanic-Serving Institute Initiatives
    • Dr. Rafaela Urizar Fiore, Chair, Department of Languages & Cultures
  • Early Outreach Coordinator: TBD
  • Bilingual Writing Specialist: TBD
  • Math Lab Specialist: TBD
  • Associate Director of Sponsored Research: TBD
  • Grant Coordinator: Roni Hooper

Positions marked as “TBD” are grant funded but not yet filled.