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Dr. Mirwais Azizi

Director, Digital Learning

Dr. Azizi is the Center for Teaching and Learning’s Inaugural Director of Digital Learning at California Lutheran University.

He provides the strategic vision and leadership for instructional innovation and Digital Learning initiatives. He is a professor and researcher with over 20 years of experience nationally and internationally including teaching and administration at UCLA and CSUN. 

He oversees University-wide instructional design activities and strategic dimensions of course content development and distribution across the campus. He collaborates closely with Academic Affairs in advancing academic programs with the highest standards of academic integrity and pedagogical innovation. He provides expertise in the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative instructional approaches and technologies as well as facilitating communities of practice among faculty.

After receiving his MHA and MBA, he went on to receive a doctorate in Education - Instructional Technologies from Pepperdine University. Additionally, he holds several graduate certificates including in areas of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, as well as High-Performance Leadership from Cornell University. His research interests span: cognitive neuroscience of learning; pedagogical effectiveness; experiential and empirical research in teaching and learning.

Mirwais Azizi

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Dr. Dana Shreaves

Sr. Instructional Designer

Dana has worked in education for over 20 years, providing instructional design and faculty development since 2011. In addition to a B.A., M.A. Ed., and an M.B.A., Dana went on to earn her doctorate in Educational Technology from Boise State University with a focus in faculty development and online teaching. Dana works with faculty to design inclusive, high-quality, engaging learning experiences in a variety of modalities. She is passionate about teaching and learning and enjoys exploring new ways to better meet the needs of learners.

Instructional Designer Dr. Dana Shreveas

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Dr. Shanshan Ma

Instructional Designer

Shanshan provides support and consulting with faculty from diverse disciplines to identify course goals and applicable evidence-based instructional and strategies with an emphasis in integration of innovative tools and technologies using Quality Matters Standards in course components to enhance learning across different delivery modes. She has years of teaching and research experiences in the field of education and instructional technology. Shanshan has earned her M.S. in Educational Technology with a concentration on Instructional Systems Design from East China Normal University, and Ph.D. in Learning Technology from University of North Texas. Her research interests include critical thinking, learning analytics, innovative learning/teaching strategies, the application of emerging technologies, and online/virtual learning environment. She also holds several Quality Matters (QM) certifications in areas of teaching online, online course design, applying QM rubric, and is a certified QM Peer Reviewer.

Instructional Designer Shanshan Ma

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Milad Malakooti

Learning Technology Support Specialist

As the Learning Technology Support Specialist, Milad is responsible for supporting faculty with all aspects of Canvas. His major is Computer Science. He is also a certified Software Engineer who graduated from General Assembly Coding Bootcamp in April 2020, emphasizing Full-Stack web development.

Milad Malakooti, Learning Technology Support Specialist
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