The Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversees all research projects involving human participants. Please use the decision tree to determine the documentation you need to submit to the IRB. All investigators must complete online training for human subject protection through the NIH. Certificate of completion should be saved, printed and provided to the IRB with your application.

Review Timelines

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year but we advise all applicants to plan in advance for IRB review.

Full board Applications will be reviewed for completeness upon receipt by the IRB. Any application lacking a required item will be returned. Once determined complete, applications will be forwarded for review. Exempt and expedited applications will be reviewed within one week, and full board applications will be reviewed within two weeks. These timelines are targets; applications may take longer to review if the number of applications received at any one time is large or during University breaks.

Expedited applications will continue to be reviewed in the order they are received.

In both cases, applicants are encouraged to make the recommended changes set forth by the IRB. Once these changes are implemented and the application is resubmitted, the IRB works swiftly to reexamine the application. To streamline the review process, please highlight application revisions in the original document before resubmission.

All applications should be submitted online HERE with the appropriate documentation attached to your application.


Please note that applicants must provide their NIH training certification number, as well as an electronic copy of the actual certificate. Certificates should be dated less than five years prior to the application.

Prior to application preparation

Application Preparation

Please note that the IRB has posted NEW files below. You should submit applications using ONLY the new forms with the current university brand in the header.

Study Continuation or Conclusion

Contact the IRB Chair with questions at

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