Institutional Review Board

California Lutheran University's Institutional Review Board's (IRB) primary responsibility is to protect the rights, welfare, and privacy of all human participants in research conducted by California Lutheran University faculty, staff and students. 

The IRB reviews all research studies involving human subjects for safety, compliance with regulations, and ethical standards.  The IRB provides guidance and resources for students, faculty, staff and study team members.

Human Subjects Research Activities

All research activities at Cal Lutheran involving human subjects must receive IRB approval or be determined exempt from IRB review before any research activities involving human subjects may begin. Cal Lutheran investigators are expected to conduct human subjects research in an ethical manner in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations, institutional policy, and as described in the IRB approved or exempt certified protocol.

Please Note: Research activities involving human subjects cannot receive IRB approval or an exempt determination retroactively. Federal regulations allow for IRB approval only when it is prior to the initiation of the research activities.

Health and Human Services (HHS) Regulations, Policy and Guidance

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