This fall, our community experienced traumatic and life altering events which have taken an emotional toll on all of us.

This spring, the Cal Lutheran community is invited to find resilience and strength by coming “Together.”  Events and opportunities that cultivate hope, healing, and growth will be offered throughout the semester. These will be spiritual, artistic, musical, crafty, or just times of fun!

Come together as we build resilience as individuals and as a community.  Come together as we find ways to express the truth of our hearts.  Come together to find empowerment in a world where we can often feel powerless.  Come together.

Date              Event

February 26 

Starbucks Patio  11am-12pm

Tree of Life Healing Art Project                                                 

Artist John Harvey Johnson will engage us in creating "Cal Lutheran's Tree of Life" out of the brokenness of our experiences.  Participants will weave together a beautiful, new image from two broken ones.   

February 28        

The Spine   

Black History Month and Womxn's Herstory Month Table         

Join the Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion and learn about poet and activist Audre Lorde who understands self-care as self-preservation and, thus, as activism.

March 5   

Enormous Luther  11am-12pm

Sacred Awareness 

Awareness is more than just  'being aware.'  It is a practice of 'being in the now', being ever present.  It is fully attending to what's happening, to what you're doing, to the space you're moving through.  Mindfulness coach, Kineret Sherman, will lead us in an exercise of mindfulness. 

March 13 

Starbucks Patio  6pm-8pm  

Fireside Chat                                                                                           

The Community Service Center's Interfaith Allies gather at 7pm to discuss spiritual wellness practices and wellness in our daily lives.  Come before 7pm to create your own uniquely scented essential oil roller bottle to enhance your wellness practices wherever you go. 

March 16

Grace Basketball Court                  12pm

Dancing Together

Dancing brings us together as a community and can make things better!  Come to the Basketball Court outside of Grace Hall to enjoy Wood Ranch BBQ, music, friends, and learn line dances.

March 19           

Kingsmen Park    11am-12pm

Healing Yoga                                                                                       

Yoga is an ancient practice linked to Hindu philosophical traditions.  Yoga can connect the body, mind, and spirit while releasing stress and enhancing mental focus and physical strength/flexibility.  Yoga teacher, Tonni Ratcliff, will lead us in healing yoga focused on stretching, breathing, relaxing, and releasing. 

April 4           

Flagpole              12-2pm

Labyrinth Meditation                                                                 

A  labyrinth is nothing mystical but is simply a walking meditation where we let go of our busy minds for a few minutes.  Walking the labyrinth quiets the mind, opens the heart, and grounds the body.  Some find answers to questions asked, some find healing, creativity, and a sense of wholeness.  What will you find on your labyrinth journey?    

April 10           

Starbucks Patio      10am-12pm

Meditation Bead Bracelet Making                                                               

We  all need tools and instruments to help us on our spiritual  journey.  Meditation beads are used in a various religious traditions to track prayer or meditation.  Come make your own meditation bead bracelet and learn how to use it in the prayer tradition of your choice.

May 3   

SamuelsonChapel  12:30-1pm 

Lunchtime Organ Recital                                                                               

University Organist Joseph Peeples will perform  quiet, meditative music in a soothing lunchtime concert.  Bring your lunch and enjoy the quiet peace of the Samuelson Chapel sanctuary as you enjoy beautiful music. 



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