We provide experiences in which students can express and explore their own faith as well as journey with others of different religious and philosophical beliefs and backgrounds. Learning to understand and appreciate the religious traditions and values of others is vital, and Cal Lutheran offers space to do so, while also creating opportunities to build relationships with others from many different faiths.

From a Lutheran Christian perspective, Jesus in the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) use an example of someone who was considered an “outsider” of faith—the Samaritan—to show what it means to love our neighbors. In the same way, we learn from each others’ faith traditions while becoming more rooted in our own. We cultivate inclusion as we seek to live out our call to model God’s love for all.

  • The Wennes Interfaith Meditation Chapel is open from 7:00am-9:00pm every day with resources from many major world religions available for your use. All faiths and traditions are welcome to gather for reflection and prayer.
  • There are many worship centers, mosques, temples, and churches that welcome Cal Lutheran students as participants and members within Thousand Oaks. View a brief listing

Interfaith Dialogue

InterfaithThe space we share together matters. We offer a safe place to ask questions, talk together, and learn from the spiritual journeys of others, while also delving deeper into our own faith traditions.

These discussions are centered on a specific topic. Some previous topics have included: Justice, Meditation, Hope, Persecution, Earth Care, Love, and Forgiveness.

This is not a place where we have to agree on everything, but where we can seek to understand and hear others’ stories from their different perspectives. We may even find commonalities! Can’t wait to see you!

Please call if you would like to be added to the email list or for more information.

Interfaith Allies at Cal Lutheran

This campus promotes the interaction of religious, nonreligious, and philosophical traditions. Interfaith Allies call this campus at all levels—students, staff, faculty—to voice each individual’s deepest values, engage with others to understand the different perspectives, and act on those values in shared space. We work to eradicate religious violence and seek instead to understand and work alongside each other for a better world.

The vocation of a Lutheran college is to plant deep within students a lifelong unquenchable curiosity about God, about the meaning of life and being human, and the centrality of faith; an unquenchable curiosity about the vastness of the cosmos, the intricacies of DNA, and the beauty of the earth; the complexities of science, math, and economics; the richness of history; an unquenchable curiosity about life's big questions. It is vital that ELCA universities value and provide for religious study as an important tool for the intellectual exploration of the big questions of life such as: What makes life meaningful? What does it mean to be human? How do we live together on this planet?

Rev. Mark Hanson, "Reflections on Our Shared Commitments"