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The Office of Mission & Identity provides a place at Cal Lutheran for people who are exploring and deepening faith, seeking to be God's hands in the world.

We accompany and support people at the intersection of faith, life purpose, and service to others, because people who discover and follow their purpose can transform a community—and the world.

Celebrating Juneteenth

Juneteenth means giving time and attention to a moment in history that continues to define American identity. It is as celebratory as it is reflective, with the potential to galvanize further social change. Understanding racism throughout American history and learning about African American culture is an important way to honor the occasion.

We are grateful for the extensive variety of ways in which we can gather knowledge on this important holiday and then share what we have learned with others. Learning fulfills part of the mission and spirit of Juneteenth: to remember this history and use it to effect positive change now and in the future. Through the efforts of the Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion, Student Life, and the office of Mission and Identity, a variety of ways for you to engage, voice, and act have been compiled. 

What can I Do?

what can I read?

What can i listen to?

What can I watch?

Still looking for more? Check out this list of racial justice resouces from Ventura College.

NOTE: Some resources may be repeated from the information above.


The Convocation

The Convocation is made up of members of the five Synods of Region II of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, faculty, students, the University president and members-at-large. Meet the Convocation

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Campus Ministry

Provides worship, learning, service, and fellowship opportunities.

Campus Ministry

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Congregational Relations

Offers resources to pastors, lay leaders, and student-oriented leadership programs.

Congregational Relations

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Segerhammar Center

Builds bridges between faith communities, academic theorists, and leaders.

Segerhammar Center

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Belgum Chair

Ensures that Lutheran scholarship and heritage remain strong and relevant.

Belgum Chair

The Lutheran Experience

We encourage students to follow their passion to uncover their purpose, preparing them for a life of success.

Sexuality and Gender Inclusivity

We are an intentionally diverse community committed to inclusivity and respect for the dignity and identities of each individual.

Theology & Christian Leadership

A major designed for students who want training in specific areas of lay ministry. 

Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

Located in Berkeley, California, PLTS is one of eight seminaries of the ELCA.