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Preachers are selected from among the student, faculty, and staff community. The music ranges from our fabulous organ to lively contemporary sounds. After the service, enjoy fellowship and refreshments.             

Be not afraid -- Fear not

It starts with a simple question, “What are you afraid of?” We all have fears; we know what they feel like, we understand that they keep us from doing, or achieving, or engaging, or overcoming, or even accomplishing.

Our friends who study psychology and who treat a variety of fears agree that, at their very root, fears acquaint us with our vulnerability; they reveal that we are not in control and not in charge

The witness provided from the Bible is an ongoing and repeated phrase “Do not be afraid.”  The repetition of this phrase should cause us to ponder:  Afraid of what?  Afraid of whom?

But more importantly, we need to establish a common understanding and definition of the word FEAR.

In relationship to God, the word “fear” in the bible ranges from a ‘mild uneasiness’ to ‘stark terror.’ It is also known as the beginning of ‘wisdom’ to ‘being human’ in ways we can barely comprehend. Fear produces a response, fear is its own response, and fear moves one toward reverence and obedience.

This year’s chapel theme will take a deep look at the word “fear”, the way it prevents us from action, and the way it propels our relationships.


Date Speaker
August 30 Rev. Scott Maxwell-Doherty                    
Sept. 6 Hazel Salazar-Davidson
Sept. 13 Rabbi Belle Michael
Sept. 20 Rev. Dr. Colleen Windham-Hughes
Sept. 27 Sana Shah '20
Oct. 4 Dane Rowley
Oct. 11 Dr. Peter Carlson
Oct. 18 Stephen Watson, Catholic Seminarian
Oct. 25 Dr. Regina Biddings-Muro
Nov. 1 Day of the Dead Remembrance Celebration
Nov. 8 Dr. Rahuldeep Gill 
Nov. 15 Rev. Hazel Salazar-Davidson
Nov. 22 No Worship - Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 29 Rev. Melissa Maxwell-Doherty
Dec. 6 Jessica Helms
Dec. 13 Yvonne WIlber
Dec. 20 Carol Sing
Dec. 27 No Worship - Winter Holiday
Jan. 3 No Worship

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