University Chapel

Thursdays, 11:25 a.m. - 11:55 a.m.
Samuelson Chapel                                                                                     

Preachers are selected from among the student, faculty, and staff community. The music ranges from our fabulous organ to lively contemporary sounds.   


Three Words.  POWER.  PRIVILEGE.  PRESENCE.                                                                                                         

Everyone wants all three.

We may not declare it openly, but privately it is true. 

Who would not want unfettered privilege?

Who would not want to be the most popular person when entering a room?

Who wouldn't want the power to snap a finger and make it so?


Yep, it's true.  Here is another set of truths:

Priviege, if not recognized as a tool, can become toxic.

Presence, places we are invited into or excluded from, can be burdensome.

We are all aware, whether we acknowledge it or not, if we have presence.

Those of us with more privilege tend to have more presence...and that can lead to taking up space.

Those of us without privilege are constantly worried about taking up too much space, that our presence might put us at risk of harm.

Power can leade to corruption.

Those of us with more privilege and more presence tend to have more power.

And more power, if not managed mindfully, can lead to corruption.

Yet, power is something that can be harnessed by those who recognize it as a tool - a tool for sustaining our community and uplifting others.


To desire these three words sets one on a path preoccupied by self and not elevating the needs of others. 

Faith communities know these things and strive to avert and attachment to these desires.

Created in the image of God, created good, we are shaped and formed to love.

As God has loved us, so we are to love one another.


This season of Chapel wlil welcome some hard words.  These three words will cause us to wrestle with the convictions of faith in the hope of stirring a deeper faith.


University Chapel will look different this fall. We will host a facebook premiere every Thursday at 11:25am.  All are welcome to watch, comment, and participate. Four common elements will greet those who attend: an opening welcome and prayer, a sacred text, a brief reflection, a closing prayer and then...

You are invited to join us on zoom for live chat and connection immediately after chapel (~11:45am) every Thursday. 

Please join us for University Chapel.


Please join us for conversation on Zoom every Thursday at 11:45am.

Fall 2020 Schedule

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Date Speaker
September 3 Rev. Hazel Salazar-Davidson
September 10 Rev. Scott Maxwell-Doherty
September 17 Dr. Jessica Lavariaga Monforti
September 24 Caeli Koizumi
October 1 Jon Urango
October 8 Nicole Gonzales
October 15 Jade Ortiz '15, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
October 22 Josh Gatison '22
October 29 Diana Hernandez
November 5 Rev. Dr. Colleen Windham-Hughes
November 12 Maya Fleming '22 
November 19 Michael Elgarico
November 26 NO WORSHIP
December 3 Rev. Hazel Salazar-Davidson
December 10 Rev. Scott Maxwell-Doherty
December 17 Rev. Hazel Salazar-Davidson

Chapel Recordings

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