Provost's 2015 Grant Recipient and Author Honorees

Grants & Contracts
  • Chad Barber and Madeline Sattler – from Los Robles for a cutting-edge research symposium.
  • Jamie Bedics – from American Psychological Association for a moment-to-moment analysis of the therapeutic process as a predictor of outcome during dialectical behavior therapy for the treatment of borderline personality disorder.
  • Nathan Carlson – from the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute for the Thousand Oaks Math Teachers’ Circle.
  • Jamshid Damooei, Chuck Maxey and Graduate Assistant Rusland Korchag – contract with the Ventura County Civic Alliance for the preparation of the “State of the Region Report for Ventura County.”
  • Cary Dritz, Bob Fraisse, Nancy Myers and Barbara Wagner – from Newark Unified School District for the design of a professional learning platform to support administrators and school leaders in their role as instructional facilitators of change.
  • Matthew Fienup, Dan Hamilton and Bill Watkins – for “Impacts of Rising Energy Costs on the San Joaquin Valley’s Economy and on San Joaquin Valley Industries.”
  • Sergio Galvez and Chris Opzeeland – from Edison International Corporate Contributions to expand the resources made available to the Upward Bound Program participants and motivate their interest in the fields of Math and Science.
  • Bill Gartner –for “Promoting a Culture of Entrepreneurship: Unleashing Enterprising Creativity through Novel Pedagogy.”
  • Dan Hamilton –for “Ventura County’s Economic Update”; and for the “Oakland and Port Oakland Revenue Forecast.”
  • Tim Hengst – from the City of Thousand Oaks, the City of Westlake Village, and the Trimberger Foundation for the Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival and the Kingsmen Shakespeare Educational Tour.
  • Nancy Myers – from the California Subject Matter Project for the California Reading and Literature Project.
  • Mike Panesis – from the Verizon Foundation to support the Entrepreneur Speaker Series.
  • Ryan Sharma – from the Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology to attend the Mid-winter Scientific Conference.
  • Bill Watkins and Dan Hamilton –for “Ventura County’s Economy and Forecast”; and for the “Economic Impact Study for the Ventura County Oil Industry.”
  • Colleen Windham-Hughes and Rahuldeep Gill – from the Interfaith Youth Core for the development of a course sequence in Interfaith Studies at Cal Lutheran.
Book Authors & Editors
  • David Balch - Contested Ethnicities and Images: Studies in Acts and Art
  • Barbara Collins - The Twilight Years and Looking Back
  • Larkin Higgins - Comb—ing, Mine—ings
  • Michael Pearce - The Real Snake: The Proceedings of the Representational Art Conference 2012, Kitsch and Beauty: The Proceedings of the Representational Art Conference 2014, and Art in the Age of Emergence