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Executive Cabinet Elections-February 21st-22nd

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President Candidates

Peyton Borg


"My name is Peyton Borg and I am hoping to become the student body president of the school that I love and cherish. I have loved my time here so far and am so thankful for all it has given me. From being an ASCLUG Senator to a first year Peer Advisor, I have seen what makes this school special and would love nothing more than to serve the amazing students of this campus.

Nick Steinwender


"I’m running for re-election as ASCLU President to continue my fight in representing the student body and making the college experience better for all students at Cal Lutheran. Over this past year, I’ve led ASCLUG in exponentially increasing our transparency, drafted and passed legislation to reduce tuition and room and board rate increases, and most recently began initiatives to increase school spirit. With your help, we can continue to accomplish great things at Cal Lutheran."

Senate Director Candidates

Alexis Ghattas


"As a senator for the past 2.5 years, I have enjoyed getting to know students and club members more than I could have ever hoped. I have developed a strong passion for representing the student body and making many friends along the way. I hope as the ASCLU Senate director to spark the minds of the senators that will do the same and help CLU prosper as a home for myself, and many others."

Hannah Nandor


"If elected Senate Director, I will serve the student body and promote the needs of the University as my foremost concern. With several years of student government experience under my belt, I am prepared and equipped to provide students with the resources and support they need to be successful both on and off campus. I look forward to working with you to make our school the best that it can be!"

Garrett Mueller


"CLU has equipped me with the leadership skills necessary for this position, like being a part of the University Honors Program, Undergraduate Admissions, Academic Affairs, and Alumni & Family Relations. I prepare to fully commit myself as Senate Director and vow to continue fostering productivity in the board, remain a neutral voice while also upholding decorum, assist with student and senate concerns, and be a positive, inspiring voice for ASCLUG and the student body."

Austin Truong


"I am a Biology major here at Cal Lutheran University, while being a two-year Senator. I am a huge advocate for change on our campus, taking in what the students are voicing by being part of committees such as Campus Improvement, Sustainability Committee, and Security System Improvement. As a Peer Advisor, AMSA VP, and Tri-Beta officer, I can assure you that with your vote and your voice, we will change Cal Lutheran for the better!"

Programs Board Candidates

Heather Ashley Wilson-Hooker


"Hi! I have been a Wellness Intern, Presidential Host Lead, Peer Advisor, and Programs Board Representative during my time here at California Lutheran. For three years, I have strategically planned and implemented events on-campus while incorporating the peoples voice in every position. I want to be Programs Board Director because every event here has truly affected how much I love this campus. I want to make sure that every student feels the same way!"

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The Associated Students of California Lutheran University Government is a student organization that serves as the united voice of the student body.


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