Cal Lutheran BookPass

Textbook access program

Get access to all your textbooks and course materials.

Starting Fall 2024, all traditional undergraduate students will be enrolled in the Cal Lutheran BookPass program, which will make required course materials automatically available to you on the first day of class through Canvas.

Say goodbye to the stress of figuring out what books you need and buying them on your own!

How it works


1. Register for classes

After registering for courses, you'll be automatically enrolled into the BookPass program and the bookstore will start preparing your order.


2. Access your textbooks

About two weeks before classes start, you'll get an email when your course materials are ready. Your digital materials will be accessible within Canvas.


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Digital Course Materials

You'll receive most of your course materials digitally through BookPass, and once the course officially starts these resources will be automatically accessible within Canvas.

If you opt out of BookPass on or before the last day of the Add/Drop period for this term, you will not be charged. 

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Physical Course Materials

If you are receiving print materials, you will receive an email confirming that your materials are ready for pickup. Please bring your Student ID to the online order pickup area at the Campus Store to collect your course materials.  

If you drop the course on or before the last day of the Add/Drop period for the term you must return the print materials to the campus store before the charge is removed from your student account.

What are the benefits?

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  • Plan ahead with less stress – the cost of your required course materials is one flat fee of $210 each semester, billed to your student account along with tuition and fees. This means your payment plan and/or financial aid will help you manage the cost.
  • You'll always pay less than the cost of the traditional printed materials sold in the Campus Store. The savings can add up to 30%–50%.
  • Save time – you won’t have to shop around or worry about choosing the wrong materials.
  • There is no waiting in line at the bookstore. No waiting for materials to come in the mail. Required course materials are automatically available digitally on the first day of class.
  • You'll have until the end of Add/Drop period to use the materials. During this time, you can choose to opt-out of the program and not be billed for the materials (thus losing your access). 
Frequently Asked Questions