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OAT Exam

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Optometry Admission Testing Program
211 East Chicago Avenue, 6th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611-2678
(800) 232-2159

Exam Preparation

Introduction and Overview

The Optometry Admission Test (OAT) is a standardized examination designed to measure general academic ability and comprehension of scientific information. The OAT is sponsored by the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) for applicants seeking admission to an optometry program. All schools and colleges of optometry in the United States, and the University of Waterloo, Canada require the OAT.

Scope of Examinations

The tests are comprised exclusively of multiple-choice test items presented in the English language. Each edition of a test is developed according to the test outline. There are four tests included in the Optometry Admission Testing Program. The entire program requires just over one half-day for administration. The tests included are:

  1. Survey of the Natural Sciences
    • Biology
    • General Chemistry
    • Organic Chemistry
  2. Reading Comprehension
  3. Physics
  4. Quantitative Reasoning

Retaking the Test

A candidate can apply and retake the test as many times as the candidate wishes. Candidates are required to submit a new application and fee for each re-examination.

A candidate must wait at least 90 days before retaking the OAT. The candidate and the Prometric Candidate Contact Center will be notified of the candidate’s eligibility for the retest after 90 days have lapsed since the previous testing date. Once notification of eligibility for retesting is received, the candidate is to call the Prometric Candidate Contact Center to schedule a retest appointment for a date after the 90th day. Candidates who retake the OAT without waiting at least 90 days after their previous OAT will cause their most recent test scores to be rendered void.

The results of the four most recent OAT’s are released on the official transcript of scores and forwarded to dental schools. Also, the total number of OAT’s is listed on the official transcripts of each candidate. You may wish to consult an institution’s admission office directly for information about its procedures for handling multiple scores.