6 Minutes of Service

6 Minutes of Service is a quick,  self-contained service project, usually arts and crafts. We provide a list of ideas, the list of supplies, and instructions on how to do it—you get supplies and create it!

Below is a list of projects, including needed materials and ideas of organizations that often benefit from them. (Remember—you can get creative and think up a new idea!) Please let us know if you have questions or need more guidance. The CSC also has a list of many more organizations that could benefit!

Remember to call organizations before starting any project to be sure that they have a need for the projects you would like to do!


B-Day Bears

With the help of Bday Bears, you can make your own bears & animals with unstuffed bears and animals. If you visit www.bdaybears.com they have unstuffed teddy bears and unstuffed animal kits, that you can order. They can be ordered wholesale if you are looking for a cheaper deal. This project is perfect for lower income families, children hospitals, orphanages. This does not HAVE to be for birthdays. Be creative.

Materials Needed
  • All materials supplied by B-day bears.
  • Included: A 16 inch plush unstuffed bear or animal skin, stuffing fluff, an animal t-shirt, a printable Birth Certificate, heart insert, and a gift box.
  1. First, Contact www.bdaybears.com for your order. Please keep in mind this company is in Kansas so...PLAN AHEAD.
  2. Once you receive the orders stuff bears and zip them up!
Agencies to Call
  • Cal Lutheran Preschool, 805-492-3247
  • LA Children's Hospital V-Services, 323-364-2371
  • Casa Pacifica, 310-268-8488
Blinky Patrol

Binky Patrol is an organization that provides blankets and gives them away to children (and organizations for children) in need of comfort. These blankets are made by simply cutting slits around the edges of the fabric and then tying them into knots. Know that your time is appreciated and your blanket will be loved!

You can make blankets for this nonprofit to distribute where they are needed- hospitals, shelters, etc..

Time needed for project
  • About 20-30 minutes per blanket (with one person per square yard)
Materials Needed
  • Fleece- 1 square yard per blanket  (1 square yard per 1 or 2 people)
  • Scissors
  1. Take your fleece square and cut off the white border if present on the fleece (trim it neatly).
  2. Cut material to slightly larger than desired blanket size (for example, if it is for a baby, the blanket can be smaller)
  3. Cut fringe around the blanket: about 1 and a half inches “deep” into the piece of fabric;
    each piece of fringe should be spaced about a half an inch wide. 
  4. Keep the fringe loose OR (optional) tie each piece of fringe into an individual knot; when they’re all tied, gently pull around the edges to separate them
  5. Find a box, pack it full of blankets, and mail to the local Binky Patrol chapter!
Agencies to Call
Birthday in a Box

Put together a birthday party in a box! Many families cannot afford to throw a birthday party for their kids. This service project could benefit children living in orphanages and/or single parent low income homes. With these boxes you could give as much or as little as you or your club can.

Materials Needed
  • Cake mix
  • Frosting
  • Candles
  • Toy
  • Balloons
  • Recyclable Utensils
  • Recyclable plates/cups etc.
  • Use your imagination
  1. Contact your organization of choice
  2. Get boxes donated or buy boxes
  3. Buy all supplies—You can find a lot of different decorations at dollar store, Michael’s, JoAnn’s, party stores
  4. Let your organization know few weeks before the delivery

Agencies to call
  • Lighthouse Women's & Children's Mission - Emergency Shelter, (805) 385-7200
  • Birthday in a Box, susan@fhih.org
Bundles of Joy

This service project is going to benefit the families of newborn babies in need at local hosptials. Each bundle will consist of a baby blanket, bottle, baby food recipes, a toy and a pacifier. Bundles will be distributed the location’s discretion.

Materials Needed
  • Boxes
  • Baby Blanket
  • Bottle, pacifier
  • Baby food recipes and jars
  • Toys, etc.
  1. Contact locations about planning this Service in a Box
  2. Include all materials in box—Baby food recipes can be provided by the CSC
  3. Send to location
Agencies to Call
  • Thousand Oaks Health Care Center, 805-492-2444
  • Brighton Gardens, Camarillo, 805-388-8086
  • Casa Pacifica, 805-445-7800
  • Los Angeles Children's Hospital V-Services, 323-364-2371
Cards for Any Occasion

Everybody loves a good card, mostly handmade ones! Make them for holidays, birthdays, or even get well cards for children. This Project could be Thanksgiving cards for others that may find it hard to find something to be thankful for. The cards could also be used to spread Christmas cheer, by making Holiday cards for children who do not have the best times during the season. Or join Cards for Kids as they send handmade and painted cards to children and youth around the world facing poverty, homelessness, illness, or a difficult situation. The cards and uplifting messages inside provide hope, comfort, and love to the children and teens.

Materials Included
  • Paper of different kinds for cards
  • Markers, colored pencils, paint
  • Stickers (it is up to your imagination!)
  1. Contact Organization of choice
  2. Make guidelines on what type of cards should be made
  3. Host a Card decorating party
  4. Send cards (Some organizations would appreciate donations to send cards to other locations)
Agencies to Call
  • Cards For Kids, E-mail Haley at CFKproject@gmail.com
    • Reitirement Homes
    • Boys and Girls Clubs etc.
Doggie Days

Many shelters are in need of comfort items to decrease their shelter and rescue operating costs. Operation Blankets of Love focus on providing comfort to the animals in their shelter and are always looking for donations! If you want to help other animals around the area various shelters will accept handmade toys! So get those creative juices flowing!!

Materials Needed
  • Operation Blankets of Love (Recycled or New)
    • Blankets, Comforters
    • Bath-sized Towels
    • Pet Toys, Treats, Clothes
    • Leashes, Collars, and Harnesses
  • Shelter Hope Pet Shop
    • Handmade Dog Toys
    • Pet Treats
  1. How To Make Dog Toys:
Agencies to Call
  • Operation Blankets of Love, eileenobol@aol.com, (818) 402-6586
  • Shelter Hope Pet Shop, (310) 770-3571
Foreign Books for Fun!

Possible International Service Project


This service project could benefit orphanages in both the US as well as abroad! Make basic learning books in any language covering such topics as counting, the alphabet, or easy level reading. These will also include a map and facts about various countries. English books would benefit Latin American countries!

Materials Needed
  • Blank books
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Ribbon
  1. Choose a set of at least ten words or phrses in another language you know. Center them around a theme (numbers, general sayings, holidays, food, transportation, animals, etc.).
  2. Look up basic language
  3.  Ask the CSC for maps and facts pages or look up your own!
  4. Write or Glue all information onto the blank books
  5. Deliver to organization
  6. Other ideas to consider incorporating:
    • including images or drawings
    • including pronunciation
Agencies to Contact
  • Padres Contra El Cancer, iamhope.org
  • El Centrito Family Learning Centers, Carlos Delgado (805) 483-8685
Halloween Happiness

Many families in difficult economic times do not have the funds to celebrate holidays with their children, and Halloween is one of them! You will be working to make Halloween goodie bags for children that don’t have the opportunity to go trick or treating this year.

Materials Needed
  • Construction paper
  • Glue sticks & Scissors
  • Markers/Crayons
  • Paper bags
  • Ribbon
  • Candy
  • Halloween Notes(scary stories, Halloween poems etc.)
  1. Using all the materials listed above, create your ideal trick or treat pack for the children. *Don’t forget to add a Halloween note!

Agencies to Call
Operation Gratitude

Help Operation Gratitude’s goal of sending 100,000 packages to the military community. These Care Packages contain food, hygiene products, handmade items, letters of appreciation etc. to express appreciation to the men and women of the U.S. Military! For more information/ideas visit: https://www.operationgratitude.com/get-involved/how-you-can-help/

Materials Needed

Handmade projects:

Agencies to Contact
  • Patriotic Drive: March 15th thru May 5th
  • Holiday Drive: September 15th thru December 5th
Rainbow Packs

Rainbow Pack is an organization dedicated to providing elementary school students with the supplies they need to be successful learners regardless of economic circumstance. Rainbow Pack was started by Riley when she was 10 years old who is passionate for this cause. This project would be filled up with supplies that could help them out with their goal! This could also be done with any local school in need. Visit their website here! 


Materials Needed
  • Boxes
  • Supplies currently needed by Rainbow Pack (stated on their website)
  1. Contact Rainbow Pack stating you want to donate supplies to their cause
  2. Look at their website for the supplies needed
  3. Pack and ship supplies
Agency to Call
Retirement Home Beautification

A lot of the time many retirement homes are full of residents who are in need of a friendly gesture. Donating time or a handmade project to an assisted living resident is an easy, fast, and rewarding experience! Many residents do not have any decorations in their rooms making it difficult for them to feel “at home. ” This project is up to your imagination!

Materials Needed
  • Pumpkin Turkeys
    • Blank Cards/Construction paper
    • Glue sticks/glue gun
    • Scissors
    • Markers, Crayons
    • Miniature pumpkins
  • Flower Pots
    • Small planters
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Brushes
    • Flowers (optional)
  • Non-Secular Holiday Ornaments
    • Paint
    • Brushes
    • Ornamenent
  1. Pumpkin Turkeys – Cut out turkey feathers, glue onto mini pumpkin
  2. Flower Pots – Paint flower pots and add a flower
  3. Non-Secular Holiday Ornaments – Paint Ornament with a non-secular message *not all celebrate same holidays
Agencies to Call
  • The Reserve, (805) 244-8422
  • Castle Hill Retirement Village, (805) 492-2471
  • Thousand Oaks Health Care Center, (805) 494-1141
Shoebox Drive

International Service Project


Join New Missions’ team in their annual Christmas Shoebox Drive October 1st - December 31st!  Their goal is to provide each student with a shoebox filled with school supplies, toiletries and other gifts that are up to your imagination!

Visit http://newmissions.org/index.php/2013/07/01/2013-shoebox-drive/ for more information.

Materials Needed

Recommended by New Missions:

  • Prayer
  • School Supplies
  • Hygiene items
  • Clothing
  • Small Toys
  • Food/Candy
  • Medications/vitamins
  1. Contact New Missions
  2. Assemble boxes
  3. Send it to:
    • New Missions
      2500 Sand Lake Rd.
      Orlando, FL. 32809
    • Include your $7 donation to help cover shipping
Agencies to Contact
  • New Missions, (407) 240-4058, Fax: (407) 240-1962
Other 6 Minutes of Service 

Bundle diapers for young mothers

Make peanut and jelly sandwiches for shelters

Decorate flip flops and donate them

Paint Adoption Signs for animals shelters

Paint frames or flower pots for a nursing home

Make fleece blankets for those in need

Create jewelry for a women's shelter

Make Valentine's Day cards for a nursing home