About OISS



We provide dedicated support for all our international students.

Cal Lutheran is a learning community that values the inclusion of international students from around the world who bring their cultures and perspectives that enrich the campus both educationally and socially. 

Download a full picture of the international student population by individual countries, majors and programs, and gender. 

Snapshot of Current F-1 International Students

Last updated on 10.20.23
  • We have international students from 46 countries and 7 continents.
  • There are 87 undergraduates and 140 graduate students enrolled in our programs.
  • International undergraduates are enrolled in 20 majors while graduate students are in 9 different programs.
  • There are 110 females and 140 males.
  • 54 international students are currently on post-completion optional practical training.

 International Student Demographic Flyer Fall 2023