About Barbara Collins

CollinsBiology Professor Barbara Collins, Ph.D., began teaching at California Lutheran University (then California Lutheran College) in 1963.

A graduate of Bates College, the biologist received a master of arts at Smith College and then completed her master of science and doctorate at the University of Illinois. Dr. Collins’ main interests were botany and ecology. She loved teaching and enjoyed leading field trips to the chaparral, deserts and mountains of Southern California. She taught a summer course on the wildflowers of the Sierras, had extensively studied the flora of Southern California and had assisted in several environmental impact studies. In 2007 Dr. Collins was given the President's Award for Teaching Excellence.

The author of 10 textbooks, some of which were used at local colleges and universities, Collins and her husband, Lorence, a talented photographer, traveled throughout the state – from the mountains, to the desert to the coast – identifying and cataloging plants.

Dr. Collins’ efforts included identifying and labeling plants on the CLU campus and the production of wildflower Web sites that include more than 3,000 photos of California plants indexed to common, scientific and family names.

Dr. Barbara Collins passed away in 2013