Our Hispanic-Serving Institution Status

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In February 2016, Cal Lutheran was designated a Hispanic-serving institution (HSI) by the U.S. Department of Education. This designation requires that Latino/a students make up at least 25 percent of full-time undergraduates, a benchmark Cal Lutheran first reached in the 2013-2014 year.

As an HSI, Cal Lutheran joins over 400 other institutions nationwide in providing greater educational opportunities for these students.

Dedicated to providing access

We believe our collective future prosperity is linked to unlocking the human potential of every student. We strive to open our doors to students and employees from all walks of life and to assist them once they arrive.

Our growing Latino/a enrollment is partly a result of the changing makeup of southern California. But it also reflects our increased efforts to recruit and admit underrepresented students, including prospective first-generation college students, as part of our commitment to diversity.

These students have historically faced – and still face – significant barriers to higher education, highlighting an opportunity to enhance our efforts to make Cal Lutheran accessible to students in our larger community and to provide the educational support needed to succeed and graduate.

Equipping our students for success

While we have worked to increased the retention and graduation rates of Latino/a students over the last decade, we are also launching a variety of new initiatives to carry this important work even further.

Our HSI status makes us eligible for federal funding to develop new educational resources and programs designed to better serve our students.

The campus community is also dedicated to increasing the number of faculty, staff and administrators of color at all ranks, which will further enrich student learning experiences with the inclusion of increasingly diverse perspectives.

Committed to our mission

We strongly believe that increasing diversity not only reflects the changing world around us, but also encourages dialog and differing points of view—the basis of Lutheran higher education. Most importantly, diversity inspires us to appreciate and achieve our mission to educate leaders for a global society.