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California Lutheran University’s STEAM program specializes in designing and teaching project-based activities and providing hands-on learning to ignite students’ interest, boost their confidence and knowledge, and excite them about what is possible in STEAM. Our instructors and mentors include STEAM college students, faculty members and corporate volunteers. With hands-on assistance and care, students are afforded the opportunity to see themselves in their instructors, with the possibility of following in their mentors’ STEAM career footsteps. The STEAM program is made possible by generous funding from the Amgen Foundation.

Description of Projects: The target audience for the STEAM program is 3rd – 5th-grade students from two Ventura County elementary schools (Oxnard and Fillmore). We will host two Saturday programs at the elementary schools. STEAM hopes to engage with over 120 students and their families. The program will end with a field trip to CLU for a campus tour where students will meet campus leaders, faculty members, and students.

For STEAM information:

Fillmore Unified School District-September 17, 2022

Rio School District- October 1, 2022

Program Coordinator


Justina Posadas

Meet the Faculty

Lead Faculty

Megan               Allan

                              Megan Fung                                    Allan Knox




John        Travis      Michael    Jason

                 John Deisz                      Travis Peterson               Michael Abdelsayed               Jason Kingsbury

Lead STEAM Ambassador

Giovanna Postma