Everyday Sustainability

Here are a few simple steps you can take in everyday life. This list is by no means exhaustive, and it will change - so send us your own ideas! For more information, click on the tabs to the left.


  1. Turn off the lights

    When you leave the room. During the day, use natural light!

  2. Use the recycle bins whenever possible.

    Waste Management provides CLU's single stream recycling services.

  3. Use reusable containers for snacks, water, and other drinks.

    Bring your own lunch instead of driving off campus, or eat in the campus dining facilities.

  4. Turn off your air conditioning.

    Or at least turn it down.

  5. Drink tap water!

    Click here to learn about the beautiful, wonderful water in Thousand Oaks.

  6. Plant a garden.

    Or a window box. Just grow something and then eat it.

  7. Take shorter showers

    Do fuller loads of laundry.

  8. Bike, walk, and skateboard

    Often as you can.

  9. Buy locally grown produce

    Make it Fair Trade and/or organic whenever possible.

  10. Unplug

    Chargers, coffee pots, and other items that draw phantom power.