Advising Program

As an engineer you will develop and implement the technologies that address the needs of our society.

Our graduates in physics, computer science, and chemistry enroll in a wide range of engineering graduate programs including aerospace, chemical, computer, and mechanical engineering. Other graduates go directly to positions within industry. With the help of your advisor, a Cal Lutheran liberal arts education will provide you with the foundation for a career at the forefront of technology.

The Curriculum
Choose your own major

Select the Cal Lutheran major that best aligns with your engineering field of interest. For example, a student interested in a career in computer engineering will typically major in computer science, while a student pursuing a career in aerospace engineering will major in physics.

With the assistance of your Pre-Engineering advisor, you’ll receive an advising plan that identifies the electives both within and outside of your major that best prepares you for graduate studies or an industry position in your chosen engineering field.

Advising plans are available for:
  • Aerospace Engineering (Physics major)
  • Chemical Engineering (Chemistry major)
  • Computer Engineering (Computer Science major)
  • Electrical Engineering (Physics major)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Physics major)
  • Software Engineering (Computer Science major)
Learn in a dynamic, small class setting

Our class sizes rarely exceed 30 students, providing you with individual attention and an interactive classroom environment beginning with your foundational math and science courses and continuing through your advanced technical courses. Your professors will know you from the beginning of your first year and they will support you all four years as you work toward your goal of becoming an engineering professional.

Get experience that matters

Cal Lutheran students have internships with aerospace manufacturers, software firms, and government sponsored research laboratories. Students conduct on-campus research that spans from fundamental physics to applied engineering projects as part of our paid Swenson or Darling Fellowships.

Your Future

Upon graduation, you will be well-prepared for the challenges of a graduate program in engineering. You will also have free, lifelong access to our Career Services office — an invaluable resource as you advance in your education and career.

Our graduates have gone on to study at:
  • Boston University
  • California Polytechnic SLO
  • Colorado State University
  • Cornell University
  • Emory University
  • UCLA
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Michigan
  • Vanderbilt University