Mild to Moderate Support Needs or Extensive Support Needs

M.S. in Special Education Degree

Upon completion of the Education Specialist Credential program curriculum, the following courses are required for the M.S. in Special Education degree:

  • EDGN 509 Introduction to Educational Research
  • EDGN 510 Educational Research Design and Methodology
  • EDGN 599 Thesis Research

Course Descriptions

EDGN 509 Introduction to Educational Research (3 credits)

A core course designed to introduce educational practitioners to educational research. Through an examination of the nature of research, ethical and philosophical principles, types of research, and characteristics of data students will explore quantitative and qualitative methods of designing and conduction research in the context of educational settings.

EDGN 510 Educational Research Design and Methodology (3 credits)

Drawing from qualitative, quantitative, and combined applications of research this core course is designed to guide students through a systematic study of the interrelated activities embedded in the development of an action research project. Construction a problem statement and research question will guide the preparation of a literature review and methodological plan.

EDGN 599 Thesis Research (3 credits)

Building upon the literature and methodological plan developed during EDGN 510, this class supports the implementation, analysis, and presentation of a research thesis.