Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science

If you are interested in building a major around a specialized problem, theme, or vocation, this interdisciplinary major is right for you. You will work with an academic adviser to develop a proposal for a course of study that matches your needs.

Possible interdisciplinary majors include graphic design, environmental law and policy, international relations, youth counseling, systems analysis, and human resources management.

The Curriculum

For students whose academic goals are not best served by a traditional major, Cal Lutheran offers the opportunity to design an interdisciplinary major in which the student selects courses from more than one department. Independent studies and experiential learning can also be included in the major.

Students work with a faculty mentor and faculty advisory committee to develop a proposal for a course of study that meets the student’s needs. Examples of such majors include environmental law and policy; childhood development and creativity; graphic design; systems analysis; and human resources management.


Offered as a major (BA or BS).

Popular Minor Pairings