CLU 101 Counselor Program

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CLU 101 is an invitation-only counselor program. It provides secondary and post-secondary counselors the opportunity to learn more about Cal Lutheran.

You'll get to know the surrounding area, connect with the Admission Staff, and experience life on our beautiful campus.

Our invitations are honored for the intended recipient. Should you be unable to accept the invitation this year, please contact us at:

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What's it like?

Previous attendees of the CLU 101 programs have had the following to say about their experiences:

I have been on many college tours and this one rates as one of the best! Some college tours, in an effort to get you as much information in a short period of time, can be grueling. The attention to detail, the programming, and the dissemination of information in a comfortable, yet informative way was amazing. I came away very impressed with the school and found that the counselor program is reflective of how Cal Lutheran takes care of their students. I highly recommend it.

Sue DeRuyter
New Community Jewish High School
West Hills, California


When you spend a few days in the Cal Lutheran culture, surrounded by people who believe in: the power of a personalized education, programs that are topical and rich, and a campus alive with opportunity and engagement, you come away with a hope that all college-bound students will find a "fit and match" this good. Cal Lutheran is a place of personality, hope, and optimism; the students are offered so much and are at the center of this institution; they have access to the professors and a variety of academic possibilities and challenges. This place is a "life-changer".

Dr. Kathy M. Klug
Aspen High School
Aspen, Colorado


I really enjoyed my visit to California Lutheran University. I have to admit I didn't know much about Cal Lutheran before I visited, so I was so happy to to see it in depth and in person. What a beautiful campus in a great location with excellent academic programs! My big take away was how happy and friendly everyone on campus was. Students, faculty and staff were all so passionate about what they were doing and were having a great time doing it.

Joanie Brotman
Parker School
Kamuela, Hawaii


I am a new high school counsellor, and Cal Lutheran was my first formal university tour. I can honestly say Cal Lutheran has set the bar so high that it is difficult to imagine I will have a better experience elsewhere. Every aspect of the program was thoughtfully and thoroughly planned. The time spent on Cal Lutheran's beautiful campus was informative and fun. I found both the students and professors to be kind and engaging. They genuinely seemed to love Cal Lutheran. If given the opportunity to attend this tour take it! You will come back to your school refreshed and excited to tell your students about all that Cal Lutheran has to offer.

Jacquelyn Valenzuela
NIST International School
Bangkok, Thailand


I found the CLU 101 program to be very informative. What I found most impressive was the support services available to students, including a program dedicated toward developing undergraduate research topics. I left Cal Lutheran with a clear sense of its mission and found it to be a nurturing academic environment that encourages self-discovery, community impact and global awareness; all aimed to shape the whole person.

Gloria Díaz Ventura
Flintridge Preparatory School
La Cañada Flintridge, CA