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Careers & Networking

NADA is impossible in tech entrepreneurship

Zoom PDT

We are excited to invite the founder of Latinx Startup Alliance, Jesse Martinez, who not only created a global community of Latinx founders but is also a 4X Silicon Valley founder whose journey started in early 1997.

Covid-19 Pandemic and Restaurant Recovery in the City of Pasadena
Forward Together webinar series

Zoom PDT

This webinar brings together experts in the area of local economic development. The participants will share their insights on the public policy changes that can be made, to address the gaps that exist, to help restaurants recover.

How Should Advisers Leverage the Continuum of Business Models?
Next Gen Mentoring Forum

Zoom PDT

Chia-Li Chien, PhD, will interview William C. Van Law III, CFP, on “How Should Advisers Leverage the Continuum of Business Models?”

Speed to Innovation: Scrappy Processes to Transform Your Work
TechTalk Speaker Series

Zoom PDT

In this interactive session, Katherine Jansen (KJ) will cover the foundational elements of innovation, challenge you to apply innovation techniques to everyday problems and processes, and share examples from her experiences.