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Resolve in 2018


From your Cal Lutheran Alumni Board of Directors, a very Happy New Year to you! January 1 always feels like a new beginning. Building on the progress of the year past, the year that lies in front of us promises to be an interesting one.

First, let’s review 2017.  Some of the noteworthy events and activities that happened this year: 

  • Growth: We are now 27,765+ Cal Lutheran alumni living in more than 63 countries. So, many of us are already living the university mission as global citizens abroad. And others, I suspect, are finding their own purpose a bit closer to home. Wherever your path is taking you, our university has set a powerful group into motion.   
    • Also growing in 2017 was the number of valedictorians who shared the highest GPA and had the honor of speaking at Commencement in May. They came from as near as Thousand Oaks and Petaluma, and as far aways Maui and Norway.
    • And in fall 2017 yet another growth landmark was passed. We saw Cal Lutheran undergraduate enrollment attain a new high of 2,930 students. The entering freshman class was marked by greater diversity (more than half of the incoming students identified as being from an underrepresented group), more first-generation college-goers, and 40 international students from 18 different countries. They stepped onto a campus marked by the new William Rolland Art Center, which brings all art classrooms and faculty offices under one roof for the first time. 

So, what would you like to accomplish this year? Here are some ideas to incorporate into your 2018 plans:

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to broaden your perspective and try something new, Cal Lutheran can help make that happen, especially through the university’s Career Services where you can update your resume, attend a workshop or find help with your job search. Or add a simple yet achievable resolution to your list to attend a lecture, play or concert offered on campus or watch a podcast on the university website.

I hope you will revel in your status as a Cal Lutheran alumnus or alumna, wherever you are. As technology helps to extend our reach around the globe, check the university website regularly for podcasts and other recorded activities that can bridge the physical distance from campus. Also, you can use LinkedIn to identify other Cal Lutheran alumni in your field or geographic area.

  • Plan Ahead. The fall semester of 2018 is closer than you think. Mark your calendar for Homecoming Weekend scheduled for October 19-21, 2018. Check the website for updates as plans develop. 
  • Speak Up, Speak Out! This past year I have been gratified to hear from hundreds of alumni about your experiences--in person, via email or through social media. We, as alumni, are very committed to and passionate about our university. Cal Lutheran, with such amazing help and support, is sure to have a bright future.

Thank you for caring so much! 

With Cal Lutheran Pride,

Erin (Rivers ’97) Rulon, MBA 06
President, Alumni Board of Directors