Meet the Ambassadors

Angela Abalo '26

Hello! I am Angela Abalo, a sophomore at Cal Lutheran and an international student from Kenya. Passionate about psychology, I am on a mission to break mental health stereotypes and make support accessible. As the Secretary of the Psychology Club and a Psi Chi member, I am actively involved in fostering understanding and breaking down stereotypes.

Beyond campus, I am a Community Scholar for Black Lives, leading the Fatherhood Renaissance project to challenge stereotypes around black fatherhood. Spoken word is my artistic outlet to share stories about mental health. As a Department Assistant, I support psychology faculty, juggling administrative tasks and tutoring peers.

Equity is a big deal for me--I think it is more important than equality. I am also a Resident Assistant, making sure everyone feels at home. In the United Equity and Inclusion Committee, I bring my dedication to building an inclusive environment.

Born out of my experiences and dreams, I am determined to be a positive force for change, using what I learn to make the world a kinder, fairer place.
Randy Martinez '24

Hi, I'm Randy. In my fourth year at California Lutheran University, I am double majoring in Marketing Communication and Business Administration with an emphasis on Management.

Currently, I am involved on campus with the Associate Students of California Lutheran University Government where I serve on this year's Executive Cabinet as the Programs Board Director for the 2023-2024 academic year. In addition to my on-campus involvement, I am part of the Delta Sigma Pi, PRSSA, and an Undergraduate Representative and Board Member of the Community Leaders Association. My goal is to help build and foster community in each role I am involved in.

During my free time, I enjoy watching movies and spending time with my family. After I graduate, I want to pursue a career in marketing and/or advertising.
Laylanie Valenzuela '26

I am a Marketing Communications Major from Santa Barbara California. I have a Double Minor in Honors and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I am heavily involved on campus serving as an Associated Student California Lutheran University Government, Sophomore Senator, Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) Vice President of Scholarship and Awards, Community Leaders Association (CLA) Board Student Representative, International Peer Mentor, and Residential Assistant (RA).

I love getting involved on my campus and meeting new people. When I am not busy running around participating in events, helping plan them, doing RA work, working on Senate Projects/Resolutions, and even helping friends. I am going on adventures whether that be going down to Los Angeles for a concert, hiking, bike riding, or going up north to Moonstone Beach, San Luis Obispo, or back home, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Being involved helps grow my skill set and helps me be able to give back to my community.