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May 6, 2020

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Sara Wilson

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I am delighted to support PLTS on Cal Lutheran Cares Day! This seminary means the world to me. When I accepted the invitation to serve on the staff at PLTS upon my graduation, I did not hesitate. I knew God was calling me to proclaim the Good News and to serve as a pastor in a specialized team ministry context. And today, I am especially grateful that my call as pastor is finally being fully recognized so that I can serve YOU, and our students, even more. I will be ordained someday soon as the pandemic passes. Today, I direct the worship life of the seminary and do what I can to connect alumni and church people who share a passion for theological education. I’m dedicating my Cares Day gift to the Class of 2020. You all are amazing leaders! Our church and world need your gifts.


Soon to be Pastor Sara Wilson

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