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May 6, 2020

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Scott Schultz '90

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It was the fall of 1988, and just after Thanksgiving and a few weeks before finals, I became ill with acute appendicitis. I went to the campus health office and the nurses knew something was wrong and had me go to the hospital. That day I had emergency surgery for the appendectomy, which required me to stay in the hospital for a week (much different than the easy laparoscopic ones of today). The next day I had multiple visitors, from President Miller (who brought flowers) to many of my professors, coaches, teammates, roommates, and the 2 RNs from the health office. They all told me not to worry about the classwork or finals, that I could make them up after Christmas (during intercession). I never would have received this kind of care and assistance at a large state school. It’s the people that make CLU special! I have a strong bond with CLU, and now the 2nd generation is going there. My daughter Gaby is a junior studying pre-med. I gave her money and she has made a gift in both our names.

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