Service-Learning Courses

Cal Lutheran has offered service-learning courses with an experiential focus across a range of academic disciplines. This list includes examples of courses from recent years.

BUS 375 Digital Marketing Campaign for Bowl4Kids Sake

Sarah Fischbach, Ph.D.

The students in the Principles to Marketing class will be participating in a Bowl for Kid's Sake 2017 non -profit event with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization. Students will create digital marketing collateral to promote the event. The winning campaign will be highlighted in the Ventura County Star for the entire duration of the marketing up to the actual event. 


COMM 407 Broadcast News Production

David Grannis

Students make several Public Service Announcement (PSA) spots for local non-profit organizations. This course is offered in Spring 2024.

View the spots:

Students filming
Communication students filming PSAs for non-profits

CRIM 330 Contemporary Corrections

Schannae Lucas, Ph.D.

Students learn about successful programs that support inmate re- entry, then visit a Correctional Institute and interact with institutionalized students in a debate. This course is offered in Spring 2024.


CRIM 335 Criminology

Helen Ahn Lim, Ph.D.

Introduces major classical and contemporary perspectives on the causes of crime. CRIM 335 considered theory alongside a social responsibility and social problems viewpoints, which help conceptualize how criminological theory forms and shapes decisions on social control. Students had several service-learning opportunities, including serving as shelter feeding volunteers for the Men's Drug Recovery Program at Ventura County Rescue Mission. This course is offered in Fall 2023 and Spring 2024.

Student Volunteers at VCRM
Criminology students at VC Rescue Mission

EXSC 302 Motor Development Across the Lifespan

Louise Kelly, Ph.D.

Described as studying, "the interaction of motor skills and the environment through birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, middle adulthood and old age," EXSC 302 included a project to use evidence-based research to design a "product" to "increase fundamental movement skills in the young child." Students volunteered at local preschools for a minimum of 4 hours each week.

Exercise Science students at the Cal Lutheran pre-school

PSYC 422 Child Psychopathology 

Jodie Kocur, Ph.D. Tracy Nickl, Ph.D.

Students learn about autism spectrum disorder, and volunteer and lead activities at an event for children with autism. This course is offered in Spring 2024.

Aut2Run Volunteers
Psychology students at the Aut2Run fundraiser

PSYC 430 Applied Psychology Practicum

Julie Kuehnel, Ph.D.

Students volunteered in support of the Ventura County Autism Society's 1st annual Aut2Run Fundraiser. This course was offered in Spring 2012.

Aut2Run Volunteers
Psychology students at the Aut2Run fundraiser

MBA 533 Strategic Brand Management

Tracy Nickl, Ph.D.

Students work with a foundation to develop and deliver among other things a competitive analysis and a sample marketing collateral. This course is offered in Spring 2024.


For further examples of past service-learning courses, please see the example syllabiIf you have taught or participated in a service-learning course at Cal Lutheran, we would love to hear from you and learn about your course or experience. Please contact us at