Why Service Learning?

Academic service-learning at California Lutheran University combines community service with explicit academic learning objectives, preparation, and reflection. Students are expected to provide direct community service as part of academic courses and to understand the connection between the service and their academic coursework.

Academic Service-Learning enhances academic learning by enabling students to apply knowledge and skill gained through academic study to real world problem solving and to appreciate the connections between their academic work and real world activities.

  • Apply what you learn in class to real world situations
  • Amplify your studies with learning by doing
  • Bolster your resume with a service projects
  • Make lasting connections to local organizations and causes
  • Improve the welfare of your community

Get Started

  1. Enroll in a Service-Learning Course

    Check upcoming courses

    Design a Research Project

    Service-Learning research
    Past research project examples

  2. Track Your Hours

    Create an hours tracking worksheet or download one online

  3. Maintain Your Connections

    To make the most of your opportunities, keep working with your community partner.