Steven Dorfman Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

How to Apply

Grant applicants are required to complete a funding application and upload a grant pitch deck. Please review the questions in advance and complete the entire application thoroughly and thoughtfully. We view the application as a starting point and may contact you with additional questions.

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Grant Pitch Deck Guidelines

The Grant Pitch Deck is similar to an investor pitch deck, but with an emphasis on the use of the grant and its educational value.

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Application Questions

Primary Contact

The name and contact info of the single point of contact for the startup.


Some basic information about your idea or startup and its mission, vision and values:

  1. Startup name and contact info
  2. Type of corporation
  3. Website and social media
  4. Key team members
  5. Describe your idea or startup (150 words or less)
  6. What's special about your startup?
  7. How does your idea or startup spark joy and happiness or make the world a better place?
  8. How does your startup embrace diversity, equity and inclusion?
  1. What is the size of the grant you are requesting?
  2. Pitch Deck describing your startup and how you will use the grant
  3. Video Pitch (optional)
Educational Value
  1. How will you create meaningful educational experiences for Cal Lutheran students and recent alumni with the grant? What are the educational goals and expected outcomes?
  2. How will the grant add to the body of knowledge about startups, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship?
  3. How do you propose that you share your experience using the grant with Cal Lutheran and the community?
Cal Lutheran Participation
  1. Provide the names of each proposed Cal Lutheran participant and explain how they were selected. If you do not have a Cal Lutheran student on the team, describe the types of skills needed.
  2. Describe any other training and mentorship which will be provided to Cal Lutheran student participants.
  1. Please share anything else you think would be helpful in our evaluation.


Prior to submitting the application, you mush agree to abide by the terms and conditions defined in the Grant Guidelines.