New Venture Fair for Students

NVF 2020

Calling all student entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurially-minded! 

Working on a startup idea? Have an entrepreneurial mindset but don't have a startup idea? Ever wondered what it's like to be an entrepreneur?

Compete for fun and over $15,000 in cash prizes during the 2020 New Venture Fair (NVF), hosted by the The Cal Lutheran Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

This is your opportunity to share your startup idea or join a team and present to the Conejo Valley startup community. Even if you don't have a startup idea, you can still register; tell us what you're interested in, and we'll create a team for you.

The NVF gives students experience with a startup life in a compressed time period in a format similar to an academic poster session, with additional expectations.

The competition is open to all Cal Lutheran students, grad and undergrad, from all schools. Bring with you an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for making a difference in the world.


How to Participate

  1. Do you have an idea? Register your idea! If you don't have idea, then tell us you're interested in participating and we will add you to a team.
  2. Do you have a team already? Each of your team members will need to complete the registration form. If you have an idea, but you don't yet have a team, then we'll create one for you.
  3. Start working on your team's startup idea.
  4. Submit your pitch deck, poster, and sign in April.
  5. Participate in the New Venture Fair on May 6, 2020!

The deadline to register your team or apply to participate is March 1st.

Apply to Participate

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a startup idea, can I still register?

Yes! Tell us what you're interested in, and we'll create a team for you.

I have a startup idea, but it's really early stage. How much do I need to have done for the NVF?

Enough that you can fulfill the NVF requirements, which include (1) creating a pitch deck (2) creating a brochure (3) creating a sign and (4) talking about your idea to members of the community.

The purpose of NVF is to enable entrepreneurs to gain experience working on a new startup idea, meet experienced mentors, and decide if entrepreneurship is a viable path for you.

Do I need to get on stage and pitch my idea in front of all NVF attendees?

No! The NVF's format is trade show-style, meaning every team has a booth, and attendees will walk around and come talk to you at your booth.

What are the next steps to participate in the NVF?
  1. Register your individual interest.
  2. If you have an idea, create a team to work on it with you. If you don't have an idea, tell us and we will create a team for you.
  3. Start working on your team's startup idea.

In early 2020, we'll ask you to register your team. Your team will submit its pitch deck, brochure, and sign in April, and on May 6, 2020, you will man your team's booth at NVF so you can talk to members of the community about your idea!

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Kristin by phone or email:

Kristin Bell
Community Manager, Hub10
(805) 493-3661