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Learn more about the different clubs sponsored by the Multimedia Department:


California Lutheran University's college chapter of AIGA, the professional association for graphic design. Our goal of is to create an atmosphere for Art & Multimedia students, in which they collaborate, and further explore design outside the classroom. In the past we have done portfolio reviews, professional guest speakers, and worked with other clubs in creating marketing and branding designs.

Events include: 24-hour Design for Good, Portfolio reviews, design tutorials & more!

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Digital Cinema Guild

A tight-knit group of aspiring filmmakers with various talents dedicated to developing and utilizing skills and tactics in order to produce digital media projects to a professional standard of quality.

Events include: 48-hr Film Jam, film tutorials


Multimedia Action Coalition

The Multimedia Action Coalition is a group that aims to give a platform to the California Lutheran University community to use Art and their voices as a way to express how they feel about certain issues. Our main focus is to put art into the CLU community and to help spread awareness for causes. The idea for the Multimedia Action Coalition came from the phrase “Art Heals”.


Virtual Entertainment Club

The Virtual Entertainment Club offers students the ability to explore and create content for various Virtual Reality platforms. Members will be able to experience and develop VR games, 360 movies, and augmented reality programs for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and other devices. Additionally, collaborations and events may lead to networking with likeminded students and industry professionals.

Events include: VR Game Nights, How to Create a Game Workshop