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Hosted in the William Roland Art Center each spring, CLUFest is a themed annual multimedia showcase that highlights talented and promising student graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, animators, digital filmmakers, and computer artists of the Multimedia Capstone class.

CLUFEST 2023 "CLU 2059", April 22nd – May 16th

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About CLU 2059

Welcome to CLU 2059! Senior Multimedia students invite you to imagine different interpretations of the future as they transform the gallery in the William Rolland Art Center. The show featured a virtual host, Lumen, and artwork by Cal Lutheran students across a variety of disciplines including animation, interactivity, virtual reality, graphic design, print, film, and more. The exhibit will be displayed from 10am – 4pm during the dates above. 

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CLUFEST 2022 "Multiverse"

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About Multiverse

Various areas of the gallery in William Rolland Art Center will be transformed into different worlds and interactive experiences. Senior Multimedia students will incorporate a multitude of imaginary dimensions throughout the building, incorporating student digital work from submissions across the disciplines.