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Please note there is NO MONETARY COMPENSATION for performing in these movies. Actors will have access to all the raw footage and edited scene for your demo reel.

Auditions are via SKYPE/FACETIME appointments and/or link to audition video. You can submit an existing demo reel/video audition or record a new one from the attached sides.

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Seeking talented actors for the following projects

“Cash Prize”

Dark Comedy
Matt Waxman


Sarah, a hardworking nurse, becomes overwhelmed with jealousy and greed when her lazy, oafish brother, Dillon wins the lottery. Deciding she’s had enough of taking care of him and thinking she deserves the money, Sarah attempts to murder her brother and take the lottery ticket for herself. 


Sarah (View Sides)
Late 20s, is a hard-working, woman. She spends most of her nights working the night shift at her hospital. She loathes her brother, and hates having to take care of him, although she does because her mom and dad asked her to. When her brother wins the lottery, her zero tolerance for his free-loading, snaps, and her decision to kill him because of her greed and jealousy of how easy he’s had some things.

Dillon (View Sides)
Late 20s, is oafish, and lazy brother to Sarah. He doesn’t seem to have any interest in finding and job and would rather find an easier way of doing things. Although he is lazy, he isn’t bad guy, and does love and appreciate his sister’s care for him.


Romantic Fantasy
Hannah Duran

Log Line: Dreading work and adulthood, a man makes a wish that turns back time to his college years where he can "get back" the girl of his dreams.


John: Can look between the ages of twenty to thirty to play both older John and younger John. An average guy and Marcus' former boss who always gives Marcus a hard time at work. A former college boyfriend to Nancy.

Marcus: Can look between the ages of twenty to thirty to play both older Marcus and younger Marcus. A witty yet stressed individual who lies to break up the girl of his dreams and her past college boyfriend to win her over.

Nancy: Can look between the ages of twenty to thirty to play both older Nancy and younger Nancy. A sweet individual who is fooled into thinking her former college boyfriend John is cheating on her. 

Janitor: Any age between mid-twenties to mid-thirties and any gender. A sarcastic mysterious character who has the power to rewind time.

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