Saturday, May 14, 2022


2022 Ceremony Tickets

Commencement Tickets will be available to all eligible graduating students starting on Wednesday, April 20 at 9am. Each student who is eligible for graduation is allotted up to five (5) tickets. All tickets must be claimed by Tuesday, April 26. Any ticket that is not claimed by Tuesday, April 26, will be put into a general pool for students to claim additional tickets if needed. This additional pool will open on Thursday, April 28 at 9am.

Please review how to claim your tickets here.   

Guests without tickets may view a broadcast of the ceremonies in the air-conditioned Gilbert Arena. Guests will also be able to view a live webcast online via a link on the Cal Lutheran home page.

As we have done in the past, in the event of inclement weather, the first two general admission tickets for each graduate will be counted as a “rain ticket.” These tickets would be used for entry to the Gilbert Arena if it is determined the ceremony must occur indoors.

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If you are still in need of additional tickets the day of, please go to the Ticket Booth in the Lundring Events Center (inside the Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center) for assistance.

If tickets are no longer available, your guests can also go to the Gilbert Arena (Indoor, Air-Conditioned) to view the ceremony and be put on a wait-list to enter the stadium if space allows.