Research Project 3

Necesitan más que pláticas: “What Ventura County High Schools can do to help Latinx Pupils Materialize their post-secondary goals”

by Janessa Garcia

Latinos comprise most of the Ventura County population and yet when it comes to secondary education, in nearly every area compared to other ethnicities, they fall short. Latinx families yearn for a post-secondary education for their children and possess the highest aspirations for them, in comparison to other ethnicities, but often their parents, because of their socioeconomic status can only offer platicas or consejos; using their lived experiences and stories to empower their children.

Therefore, Latino students’ socioeconomic position, generally compounded by their psychological outlook and lack of intervention from their school site hinders and or prevents them from being able to materialize their post-secondary aspirations.

Research indicates that individuals with higher education levels are more likely to have access to better health care, be healthier, and live longer. Thus, educational institutions should seize the opportunities to produce change. With these considerations, my research seeks to begin answering the following question: How can College and Career Centers improve pathways to higher education and the livelihoods of Latinx pupils in Ventura County high schools?

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About Janessa

B.A. Political Science, Minor in History with emphasis in Public Policy

Janessa is a Senior at California Lutheran University. She cares deeply for the students of Ventura County; her experience in the local education system drives her goal of policy-making for the public education system across the nation. As a local student, Janessa recognizes the talent, intellect and grit her peers and community possess. Janessa has witnessed and experienced the policies and programs, or lack thereof, which prevent Latinx students from challenging the paradigms and status quo. This motivates her to champion stronger college and future readiness pipelines, proactive policies that prevent school gun violence while improving school safety and more robust plans to decrease health care disparities. Despite the adversity that Latino students may face in this community, Janessa emphasizes that estos estudiantes son muy fuerte, and with up-to-date, vigorous and evidenced-based policies, pueden crear su propio futuro y ser parte de la creación de mejores comunidades. Her fellowship with ASCENSO continues to explore issues of local students and ways to address them. Many of these students are Latinx youth who deserve opportunities, not to settle, but to be the writers of their own success stories.

September, 2023


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