Faculty Resources

The awarding process will be determined by the Faculty Development Committee and consider how proposals advance the vision and missional commitments of the GSOE:

  • Vision: Guided by social justice and advocacy, we will reimagine education to disrupt inequities and to meet the future needs of students and communities
  • Mission: Our mission is to prepare administrator, counselor, and teacher leaders who advocate for educational equity and access, grounded in scholarship that advances innovation and addresses community-based needs in P-20 schools.

With the recent reformulation of the GSOE vision, mission, and guiding principles, the annual funds available through the Center for Innovative Learning (approximately $10,000 per year) will be targeted to advance these ideas. The two areas of funding included for 2022-23 are:

Faculty Professional Development Activities

  • Faculty who would like to deepen their knowledge regarding elements related to the vision, mission, and guiding principles of the GSOE are welcome to apply for funding to attend conferences, workshops, purchase curriculum materials, etc.
    • The application for the projects should include an overview, how it will contribute to the GSOE, and how it will facilitate your professional development.
    • A budget narrative should be completed outlining the specific costs of the project as part of the application.
    • Projects up to $1,500 will be considered.
    • Applications materials should be sent to the Chair of the Faculty Development Committee, Dr. Trudy Arriaga: tarriaga@callutheran.edu

GSOE Mini-Grants

  • Small research grants – Grants will be made each year to help faculty create and/or disseminate their research and scholarship. Applications for the award will be submitted by October 15thof each year and decisions on recipients will be determined by November 15st.
    • The application for the award will include a title, a 250-word abstract, a one-page project description, a budget, and a timeline.